Skilled Nursing Care at Pleasant View

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When the health and safety of you or your loved one require the attention of a skilled nurse, Pleasant View’s skilled nursing care services are here to provide you with high-quality care and peace of mind.

To help you consider care options and determine if Skilled Nursing Care is right for you, we’ve compiled the following list of Skilled Nursing FAQs with answers from our Pleasant View Skilled Nursing team. As always, contact us to answer your specific Skilled Nursing questions, speak to our staff, and take a tour of our Skilled Nursing facility.

Skilled Nursing Care FAQs

Are there different types of skilled nursing care?

Yes. Pleasant View offers three distinct areas of skilled nursing care – Rehabilitative Services, Memory Care, and Long-Term Care.

Rehab services are typically a short-term care option for those recovering from surgery or another medical procedure. Our rehab team helps patients recover and return to their normal level of independence and mobility.

Memory care offers seniors and their families an additional level of skilled nursing care as they cope with dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other debilitating memory loss.

Long-term skilled nursing care is the best option for seniors who require more daily assistance than our other levels of care can give them.

How does the skilled nursing process work if I need to move to a higher level of care?

Current Pleasant View residents need a recommendation from their doctor to receive skilled nursing care. Once our team receives a request, we review the resident’s medical records and arrange a move-in date with them and their family. Current residents are guaranteed a long-term care bed, even if they run out of funds.

New residents or residents referred to Pleasant View from a hospital stay are required to complete an application. It’s suggested that prospective residents and their families tour our community before moving in. As with current residents, we will review a new resident’s medical records and work with them and their families on a move-in date.

Those referred to us from a hospital often spend time in our rehabilitative facility before moving to a more general, long-term care area of Pleasant View.

How will I know what type of care is right for me?

Our team assesses each resident’s individual needs and makes recommendations for care. Good candidates for skilled nursing care are seniors who can no longer care for their safety and hygiene needs. Often, skilled nursing care residents need help bathing, toileting, and eating. Those in our dementia unit are still ambulatory but may be confused and need assistance with daily tasks.

The Pleasant View skilled nursing care team will work directly with a resident’s physician and family to assess individual needs and create a care plan.

What if my spouse needs more care before I do?

As seniors age, it’s not uncommon for one spouse to require more care than another. At Pleasant View, we evaluate each spouse and recommend the right care level for them. This may mean spouses reside in different care units within Pleasant View.

On our campus, there is no restriction on seeing spouses who live in a different care unit. Partners may visit their higher-health care need spouse at any time. If your spouse is in our memory care unit, a family member may need to accompany the visit.

Are there private rooms, or will I need to share a room?

We offer two rooming options for skilled nursing care residents – a private room with a private bath and shower and a private room with a semi-private bathroom and shower. All semi-private bathrooms are shared with a resident of the same gender or a resident’s spouse.

For safety reasons, our memory care rooms do not include showers. Instead, residents in memory care use our spa room staffed by a nursing team member.

Can I still enjoy time with my family in skilled nursing care?

Vibrant social lives are essential at every age. Our skilled nursing care residents can enjoy visits from friends and family. Likewise, if a resident can safely transfer in and out of a vehicle, families may take their loved ones out to dinner or home for a holiday meal. Our staff will evaluate each resident and determine their “transfer” status.

Do I have to prepare my own meals?

All residents in skilled nursing care may choose to eat in our dining room or in their private rooms. Some limitations may apply if our team feels private dining poses a safety concern. Our culinary team prepares three balanced meals each day for residents. If a resident has a dietary restriction or concern, our team will work with them to create a menu that adheres to their needs.

If you or your loved one is considering a higher level of care, we invite you to visit Pleasant View Communities and discover the benefits our life plan community has to offer. We’ll take you on a tour to show you the beauty and joy of carefree living and how our skilled nursing care services provide health, safety, and peace of mind for our residents and their families. Contact us to learn more and schedule a tour.

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