Why Giving Matters

Pleasant View Communities was founded by women with generous hearts, women who gave their all to provide excellent care to aging individuals in the Manheim community. Edna Hoffer, Grace Barto and Esther Henry are the founding mothers of Pleasant View Communities, which they opened in 1955. This legacy of generosity is what propels Pleasant View Communities to continue to be a place of care to our residents and the wider Manheim community. Pleasant View provides over $3.5 million dollars of benevolent care each year to residents who, because of the rising cost of health care, need additional financial support. Pleasant View stands in the gap for residents that have run out of resources, providing excellent care to all residents, no matter their financial situation. It is only through the generosity of donors like you, contributing to our Pleasant View Care funds, that Pleasant View can continue this legacy of generosity.

Not only does Pleasant View provide benevolent care to those who need it the most, Pleasant View is a non-profit that has a huge economic impact on the wider Manheim community, providing a great place of employment, and helping the whole Manheim community thrive. Pleasant View is the future home of The Cultural Center, including the Manheim Community Library. These developments will provide even more opportunities for the residents of Pleasant View as well as the wider Manheim community. Pleasant View is also a partner with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank to further our legacy of generosity, by providing food to our neighbors in Lancaster, through our hydroponics growing initiative. We currently provide over 1,000 heads of lettuce to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, and we hope to grow even more food in the years to come, so that we can make a significant impact on decreasing food insecurity in Central Pennsylvania.

If you are passionate about giving to an impactful non-profit and leaving a legacy of generosity, Pleasant View is the non-profit for you!

Please consider becoming a donor today and joining our community of generosity.