Capital Campaign

Hoffer Farm Capital Campaign

Across from our main campus outside Manheim stands the Hoffer Farm—our founder’s original home and farmstead. Here is where Pleasant View’s story began, and here is where the next chapter in that story will be written.

In 1955, Edna Hoffer opened the Pleasant View Rest Home on the land beside her family farm. The location had much to offer: picturesque countryside, a tight-knit culture, and fertile fields. For years, the fruits and vegetables she grew were staples on her residents’ tables.

But as Pleasant View flourished, the Hoffer Farm faded into the background. Now, we have plans to restore the property to more than just a beautiful backdrop—not only for residents, but for everyone in our community. The Hoffer Farm, which played such a central role in our past, is at the heart of our vision for the future.

Our vision is both ambitious and necessary. Simply put, we aspire to transform the Hoffer Farm into a living community center—a hub of activity that blends the lives of our residents with the wider Manheim community. We are:

  • Building a Cultural Center which will include the Manheim Community Library, greenhouses, walking trails, a recreation area, a stand-alone maker space, orchards, and stables with livestock.
  • Creating indoor and outdoor spaces where residents can find or further their calling, and where young minds can find theirs.
  • Partnering with local and regional organizations and non-profits that enrich lives and support those in need.


There is much to tell you, much important work to be done, and philanthropic dollars to raise.

Phase I - The Kreider Farm Cultural Center

With over 18,000 square feet of space, the Kreider Farm Cultural Center will have plenty of room to gather and grow. Indoor and outdoor multi-purpose spaces will host public and private events. A full-service teaching kitchen will turn the farm’s fresh produce into delicious meals for visitors, and provide junior chefs a chance to test their skills.

Phase II - Makers Space

Make717 is a makerspace that provides opportunities for craftsman, artisans, and hobbyist to utilize shared space and equipment to build and create. Make717’s expertise will guide Pleasant View in creating a space and program to foster “makers” in the arts of textiles, pottery, painting, 3D printing, and more.

Phase II and Beyond

We’ve been discussing our vision with our residents and Manheim neighbors for several years. Word has been getting out and the community is beginning to buzz with excitement. The opportunities are truly endless and we think we are just getting started. Together, we can become a model for the future of retirement, and it’s time to talk about it!

The Hoffer Farm will be a working farm. A significant share of the crops grown will be donated to local food banks working to eradicate food insecurity in our region. Hoffer Farm’s greenhouses will use hydroponic growing systems. This means crops will grow in nutrient-rich water rather than soil, enabling greater yields in smaller spaces. Just outside, orchards and gardens will be cultivated with berries and flowers, providing food for residents and locals, as well as habitat for wildlife.

True wellness requires activity for both the body and the spirit. Hoffer Farm will help residents and guests stay fit and refreshed on several miles of walking trails, tennis courts, and a recreation area. Residents, families, and community members will also be able to enjoy breathtaking views of orchards, meadows, fields, and gardens, many of which will provide fresh produce and flowers to seasonal markets on the premises.

The Hoffer Farm is already home to a small-scale animal farm including alpacas, goats, sheep, and chickens. While everyone will be welcome to watch and interact with the alpacas, we’ll also ensure that individuals in need benefit through animal therapy.

With you, all of this is possible

Hoffer Farm is a generational project that will continue for years. The prospects of continuing on a journey that will be a legacy to all who participate is indeed a wonderful accomplishment.