Rehabilitation Services

Return to Wellness

Following an unexpected illness or a scheduled surgery, planning for a rehabilitation stay can be overwhelming, especially when decisions need to be made in a matter of a few days. Our staff can help you navigate the rehabilitation maze, so you can follow your path to recovery.

We realize that after a hospitalization, going home is your first priority. That’s why Pleasant View offers a range of rehabilitation services and has partnered with Powerback Rehab to provide a team of physical, occupational and speech therapists. Together, we design and implement a personalized rehabilitation program, with the goal of meeting your highest level of function by improving mobility and self-care management.

Pleasant View is a preferred PENN Medicine Lancaster General Health skilled nursing facility partner. Pleasant View utilizes clinical plans jointly developed by PENN Medicine Lancaster General Health and Pleasant View.


Outpatient Therapy Service

Outpatient therapy services keep you on the road to recovery and help you to regain function, range, and mobility to your everyday life. Our Outpatient therapy suite is located on the first floor of the Town Square North building.

Rehabilitation at Pleasant View can provide specialized care in the areas of neurological conditions, joint replacement treatment/general orthopedics, customized splinting, activities of daily living re-training, wheel chair and bed positioning, dysphagia treatment, aquatic therapy, gait or balance treatment, restorative health, pain management, cognitive rehabilitation, wound care, urinary continence management, cardiac pulmonary treatment, vestibular rehabilitation, and low vision training.

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