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The number of decisions that seniors and their families need to make as they age can feel overwhelming. And as seniors need more and more care, the decision to move to a personal care residence sits at the top of the list.

Despite the importance of personal care, we find that as families begin researching their personal care options, they often have more questions than answers.

To help you consider care options and determine if personal care is right for you, we’ve compiled the following list of personal care FAQs with answers from our Pleasant View Personal Care team.

Pleasant View’s Personal Care services can make it easy to transition to higher levels of care while still enjoying the freedom and independence of retirement. To learn more, contact our Personal Care Admissions Coordinator, Brogan Eshelman, at and take a tour of our Personal Care residence today.

Personal Care FAQs

What is Personal Care?

Pleasant View’s Personal Care is a living arrangement that provides residents with staff support availability 24 hours a day. Experienced team members are available to help with activities of daily living, medication administration, housekeeping, and more.

Personal care residents also enjoy three balanced meals each day and can participate in various activities ranging from baking cookies to attending a local ballgame. There’s never a shortage of activities and things to do as a personal care resident at Pleasant View.

How Do I Move to Personal Care at Pleasant View?

Current Pleasant View residents can request to move to our personal care residence at any time. Often, we can work with residents and their families on a move-in date within a few weeks or as a room becomes available.

For interested non-residents, we suggest they and their families join us for a tour of our community before making a move. Then, as with current residents, we will review their medical and financial records and work with them and their families to schedule a move-in date.

How is Personal Care Different from Skilled Nursing Care?

Personal care is in the middle of the care continuum at Pleasant View Communities. Like independent living, Personal Care offers residents a reprieve from daily burdens like housework, yard work, medication management, meal prep, and more. As a result, personal care residents enjoy the same freedoms as their independent living counterparts while spending more time enjoying the fruits of their retirement.

This is different than our Skilled Nursing Care services, which provide care to seniors who need the attention of a skilled nurse for various needs, including rehabilitative care, memory care, and long-term care.

Learn more about Skilled Nursing Care.

What Types of Services Does Personal Care Offer?

Pleasant View Personal Care aims to create a comfortable, warm environment for residents to enjoy retirement. Personal care residents may choose between a one-bedroom studio, or a one- or two-bedroom suite with a kitchenette and separate living and bedroom spaces. Weekly housekeeping, trash removal, and linen and towel service are included, as well as a 24-hour emergency call and response system accessing a clinical staff member.

Residents may request assistance with daily living, such as personal hygiene, dressing, and medications. Likewise, music, memory, and pet therapy sessions are available weekly. Priority access to Pleasant View’s social and educational enrichment events and weekly outings means personal care residents can enjoy a full calendar of activities if they choose.

Are There Different Levels of Personal Care?

To accommodate as many care needs as possible, Pleasant View offers five levels of care within our personal care services as well as a memory care unit.

To determine the best level of care for each resident, we first assess a new resident prior to admission as well as throughout their first thirty days in personal care. Then our team recommends the best level of care to suit that resident’s unique needs. We continually re-evaluate their care needs and work with families and residents to periodically update the support plan.

Level one care can be as minimal as one-hour of staff interaction per day if that’s all the resident needs or wants. Conversely, level five care can include many daily tasks that adult children may typically provide to their parents living independently. We provide a level of safety and peace of mind personalized to each resident’s needs.

Can I Still Drive My Car After I Move to Personal Care?

Residents with valid driver’s licenses may drive and come and go as they please. Personal care residents enjoy weekend getaways and week-long vacations. However, transportation is available to and from doctor’s appointments and off-campus activities if needed.

Will Moving to Personal Care Limit My Independence?

Personal care often creates more independence for residents at Pleasant View. Without the daily burden of housework, laundry, and property maintenance, residents can fill their day with leisure activities, educational seminars, and social engagements.

Residents can come and go on their own, or they can take advantage of Pleasant View’s transportation options. Likewise, meals are provided for residents, or they can choose to prepare meals using the small appliances located in their private rooms.

If you or your loved one is considering moving to a personal care facility, we invite you to visit Pleasant View Communities and discover the benefits our life plan community has to offer.

We’ll take you on a tour to show you the beauty and joy of carefree living and how our personal care services provide freedom, health, and peace of mind for our residents and their families.

To learn more, contact our Personal Care Admissions Coordinator, Brogan Eshelman, at and take a tour of our Personal Care residence today.

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