Gift Options

Gift Options

Pleasant View has a variety of funds that you can donate to, depending on what you are most passionate about. Pleasant View provides over $3.5 million dollars of benevolent care each year to residents who, because of the rising cost of health care, need additional financial support.

Pleasant View stands in the gap for residents that have run out of resources, providing excellent care to all residents, no matter their financial situation. It is only through the generosity of donors like you, contributing to our Pleasant View Care funds, that Pleasant View can continue this legacy of generosity.

Pleasant View is committed to honoring donor wishes and intent by respectfully and faithfully stewarding all gifts entrusted to the organization for the betterment of all the people we serve.

Pleasant View Care Fund

Supporting current needs for Benevolence Care and Memory Care

Gifts to the Pleasant View Care fund support current needs for benevolence care and our Memory Care unit. A health care crisis can be expensive. Medical bills are the biggest cause of bankruptcies. Residents at Pleasant View have comfort and peace of mind knowing that comprehensive, quality health care will continue even if their financial resources become depleted. The promise of receiving care regardless of the ability to afford needed care is at the heart of a promise made at the founding of Pleasant View. The financial impact of this promise to provide benevolent care exceeds $3.5 million a year, yet it is a promise kept, in large part through the generosity of donors like you.

Memory Care

At Pleasant View, two living areas have been specifically designed for residents with dementia or dementia-related illnesses. Our goal in these living areas is to motivate residents to be as active and independent as possible while providing them with a safe and secure environment with personalized and purposeful structure and routine. Our philosophy includes a dedication to ensuring that every individual is valued, as we focus on what is left, not on what has been lost.

We realize the stress and toll caring for someone with dementia can take on someone, and so we not only care for residents but involve family and caregivers, offering support and education through individualized care plans and a monthly memory loss support group. It is our hope that

by focusing on both the resident AND caregiver, that they too can focus on what is left, and not on what has been lost.

Your donation provides much needed financial support to our residents in need of benevolent care and our Memory Care Unit. Show your care today by supporting the Pleasant View Care Fund.

Pleasant View Endowment Care Fund

The Endowment Care Fund was established for those who wish to give but have the interest from the gift used for benevolence care and memory care for years to come.

Founder of Pleasant View, Edna Hoffer, assured the continuation and growth of her life’s work by making provisions in her will. We honor her legacy by continuing the management of this fund. Your investment assures that Pleasant View can continue to provide benevolence care and memory care well into the future.

Pleasant View Education Fund

A donation made to our Education Fund benefits residents, staff and the community at large.

Donations support staff development at Pleasant View. Your donation will sponsor a staff member who is continuing their education to become a nursing assistant, a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse.

You can also designate your donation to support educational programs, sponsoring a speaker or providing a course of study for residents. Some programs are also open to the public and sponsorships are needed to provide free educational programs to the wider Manheim community.

Hoffer Farm Ag Restricted

In addition to the Kreider Farm Cultural Center, the Hoffer Farm is home to our hydroponics facility, therapeutic farm animals, and food production for the Central PA Food Bank.

Currently we produce on a regular basis 1,000 heads of lettuce through our hydroponic production. We have a variety of farm animals including: goats, sheep, chickens, and alpacas. We use these animals for therapeutic assistance for our residents and special needs members of the Manheim Community. Additionally, we have 35 acres that will eventually be available for food production for the Central PA Food Bank.

We are accepting contributions now for our Hoffer Farm Ag Initiative. The farm will be restricted for agricultural use.