Kreider Farms and Pleasant View: Cultivating a Spirit of Community in Manheim

Ron Kreider and Jonathan Hollinger shake hands at Kreider Farms

Thanks to a recent, generous contribution from Manheim-based Kreider Farms, Pleasant View Community’s new cultural center is significantly closer to reality. 

Pleasant View Communities was founded on a vision of retirement without walls; a place where our community blends seamlessly with the Manheim community and the neighbors around us. 

Kreider Farms, a fourth-generation family-owned and operated dairy producer, is a big part of the Manheim community. Thanks in part to a generous donation to our up-and-coming Hoffer Farm project, the company has also become a big part of the Pleasant View Community. 

Shared Visions for a Thriving Community

Ron Kreider, chairman of Kreider Farms, said he was first introduced to the Hoffer Farm project about four to five months ago. Struck by the potential of the Cultural Center and the broader vision of the Hoffer Farm initiative, Kreider Farms moved quickly to get involved at a significant level.

“Pleasant View has been one of our neighbors all my life,” Mr. Kreider said. “Once we heard about the cultural center, the relocation of the Manheim Community Library, and the other aspects of the project, we made a pretty quick decision to get involved in a larger way.”

He said Kreider Farms’ decision was further influenced by the leadership of former Manheim Central Superintendent Dr. Lew Jury and retired Manheim Central Football Coach Mike Williams, who are co-chairs of Pleasant View’s Heart of Community capital campaign. The goal of the campaign is to raise $8.6 million to fund the Hoffer Farm project. With the recent contribution from Kreider Farms, the project has now received $7.6 million in pledges and donations toward the effort.

A Project Worth Talking About

Mr. Kreider spoke highly of Pleasant View’s many contributions to Manheim, a sentiment that he said resonates deeply with the ethos of Kreider Farms. The organization’s involvement in the Hoffer Farm project stands as a testament to the company’s willingness to support and enhance community development projects that have far-reaching positive impacts. That’s one of the reasons, he said, that Kreider Farms decided to move forward with their contribution publicly. 

He said another reason was the shared vision of Dr. Jury, Coach Williams, and Pleasant View CEO Jonathan Hollinger.

“They talked me into it, but it didn’t take much convincing,” Mr. Kreider said. “This project, I’m sure, will be beneficial for everyone in the Manheim area, including our employees. One of the main reasons why Kreider Farms stepped up early and publicly to support this project is so that it would challenge other people and other local companies to get involved for the betterment of the Manheim community.”

Reflecting on the deep-rooted connections that have spurred this collaboration, Mr. Kreider said the company’s decision to actively support the project is a testament to Kreider Farms’ commitment to Manheim’s growth and well-being.

Besides serving as a new home to a state-of-the-art cultural center and the Manheim Community Library, the Hoffer Farm project also will include new walking trails for the community, a food production center for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, a makerspace, and much more. 

“Kreider Farms has always been involved in giving back to our community; it’s just been mostly anonymously,” Mr. Kreider said. “And as long as the company continues to do well, we want to continue to give back.”

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Mr. Hollinger said the substantial gift from Kreider Farms is transformative for the project’s future. 

“The capital is really essential to moving things along and ensuring we don’t have to wait to get started,” Mr. Hollinger said. “It’s also a big encouragement for local businesses and Manheim residents to step up and get involved.”

Mr. Hollinger said that pleasant View has been offering care to Manheim residents since 1955. 

“And a lot of them receive benevolent care, which represents millions of dollars a year of underfunded care costs,” he said. “So, it’s nice to partner with the community, but it’s also a recognition, I think, that Pleasant View has done a lot for Manheim. Just like Kreider Farms, we want to continue to enrich the community and be involved in the community. And not just as a home on the hill.”

A Significant Moment for Manheim Community Library

The relocation of the Manheim Community Library to this site further underscores the project’s commitment to being a cornerstone for knowledge and communal interaction. Mr. Kreider said he’s excited to watch the library expand and thrive at its new location. 

“I’ve been in there,” he said with a smile. “And I’m pretty sure I might have parked in one of the two parking spaces that are currently available. But this will be quite different, and we’re looking forward to seeing them have a bit more space to be able to grow.”

Committing to the Manheim’s Future

Kreider Farms’ decision to participate publicly in the Hoffer Farm project was not made to seek recognition, Mr. Kreider said, but rather to lead by example and foster a spirit of communal support and involvement.

“This is our commitment to the place Kreider Farms has always called home,” Mr. Kreider said. “We’re just trying to help move this whole project forward for the long-term benefit of the Manheim community.”

Mr. Hollinger said he and the entire Pleasant View Community are thrilled to have Kreider Farms’ support and involvement at this critical moment in the project. 

“This is really a transformative step in enriching the lives of residents in the Manheim area,” he said. “The Cultural Center promises to be more than just a building; it’s set to become a hub of cultural exchange and learning, fostering a sense of community and belonging.”

The project is a bold statement about the strength of community-focused development and the powerful impact such initiatives can have on local areas.

“We are extremely grateful to Kreider Farms not only for its financial commitment to the new Cultural Center but also for showing what bold community leadership looks like in practice,” Mr. Hollinger said. “We look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration with Kreider Farms.”  

Mr. Kreider said he is excited to see what comes next, both for Hoffer Farm and the entire town of Manheim. 

“Kreider Farms is thankful and blessed to be part of a great town like Manheim,” he said. “Manheim is a beautiful town, and we are excited to be a part of making it more beautiful moving forward.”

For more information about the Hoffer Farm project or to make a contribution, please click here to get started. 

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