Pleasant View Team Spotlight: Marketing Intern Payton Shoenfelt

Q&A with Marketing Intern Payton Shoenfelt

“Pleasant View just feels like family.” – Payton Shoenfelt

If you live at Pleasant View Communities or have a relative who lives here, you may have seen our marketing intern, Payton Shoenfelt buzzing around campus, taking pictures, kibbitzing with residents, and just generally bringing her ebullient spirit and youthful energy to our community. 

Payton Shoenfelt

Payton’s easy to recognize – she’s always wearing a smile and snapping pictures of our residents, her fellow team members, and the many goings on here at Pleasant View.  

Payton, 18, graduated earlier this month from Manheim Central High School and is planning to attend college in the fall. Not only does she seem to be well-liked by everyone she meets here at PV, she’s also extremely good at her job. 

Since starting her internship the first week of February, Payton has been tasked with many duties. One of her main roles has been to take on the bulk of Pleasant View’s social media management, and she’s been doing an outstanding job. She also attends the majority of our events, taking pictures to share online and across our social platforms.  

We recently sat down with Payton to find out a little more about her. We wanted to know how her role in managing PV’s social media has enriched her life and career aspirations. We also wanted to get her perspective on the impact she feels she’s had on our community—and the impact she believes the community has had on her. 

PV: Can you tell us a little about yourself and what drew you to pursue an internship at Pleasant View?

Payton Shoenfelt: I’ve always been passionate about nonprofits and volunteering. I also love social media and creating advertisements. I discovered this passion while serving on the student council. I love to put a smile on people’s faces. When I found the marketing intern position at Pleasant View, I reached out to the head of the department, and we worked together to create a role for myself during the school year. Now, I’m pursuing this role outside of school as well.

PV: What have been the highlights of your internship?

PS: One of the most rewarding aspects has been seeing how much the residents appreciate having photos of events. They love looking at them on social media and sharing them with their families. Additionally, interacting with the residents, attending various events, and creating content showcasing how much fun we have at Pleasant View has been incredibly fulfilling.

PV: What challenges have you faced, and how did you overcome them?

PS: There haven’t been many challenges, but occasionally, some residents aren’t convinced of the need for a marketing intern or don’t understand social media. I usually focus on the residents who enjoy the content, which helps mitigate this issue. Engaging with those who appreciate the work has been key.

PV: How do you think your work  with Pleasant View has impacted our community?

PS: I think it’s been really great to have advertisements go out. When we promoted our community day, we had a bigger turnout than usual. Hopefully, it will put Pleasant View on more people’s radars as a place to live in the future.

PV: What are your future plans? 

PS: I plan to attend Towson University in the fall, majoring in mass communication. I haven’t decided what job I want afterward, but I know I’d love to work in the nonprofit sector. 

PV: How do you think your internship at Pleasant View has prepared you for your college journey and a future career?

PS: The internship at Pleasant View has prepared me well by enhancing my people skills and teaching me about the analytics side of social media. I feel more confident in creating effective communication strategies and working with diverse groups of people.

PV: Would you recommend an internship at Pleasant View to others? What advice would you give to someone interested in interning for Pleasant View?

PS: Absolutely! I love the different aspects that come into play. I’ve made many friendships and connections at Pleasant View, and it just feels like family. It’s a great environment for learning and growing personally and professionally. It’s a great experience, go for it!

If you or someone you know is interested in an internship with Pleasant View Communities, please reach out to us or give us a call at 717-665-2445.

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