5 Common Reasons Seniors Resist Moving to a Retirement Community – And How to Overcome Them

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Change is never easy, no matter your age.

But change can be especially difficult when the change you’re facing includes moving from the home where you raised your family to a retirement community.

When you start talking with your parents about moving to a senior living community, don’t be surprised if you receive some push back. It’s common for older adults, especially younger seniors, to dismiss the benefits of retirement community living. If they do, it’s likely that they still view retirement communities as nothing more than glorified nursing homes disguised by community centers and weekly bingo nights.

Every senior has their reasons for being hesitant to move to a retirement community. Before you speak with your parents about senior living, understand the fears they may be experiencing and offer them the reassurance they need to become more comfortable with the idea.

5 Reasons Seniors Resist Retirement Community Living

There are 5 reasons that most older adults resist retirement community living. If one or more of these reasons seems to match up to your parent’s fears, it’s time for a conversation to acknowledge their concerns and help them understand why a retirement community may make sense.

#1: I’m Too Young!

Retirement communities have changed drastically since your parents’ parents were retired. And so has the way seniors are choosing to live in retirement. Seniors are active. So, the misperception that retirement community life is slow and boring can feel like oil and water for younger seniors who want to get out there and live life to the fullest.

In reality, younger retirees will find a vibrant community of active adults in senior living communities like Pleasant View. Chances are they’ll also create new friendships and discover new hobbies that add to the vibrancy of their lives. There’s nothing boring or ‘old’ about life in a retirement community.

#2: I’ll Lose My Independence!

The last thing a senior wants is to be told how to live their life as they age. The fear of unwillingly handing over control of their lives to someone else is very real. And so is the fear of having to rely on family members and become a burden.

That’s why the outdated perception that retirement communities equate to losing independence and control is one of the biggest reasons why seniors resist moving to a senior living community.

In reality, this perception couldn’t be farther from the truth. Retirement communities help seniors gain independence, not lose it. They’ll go from maintaining a big home to living a maintenance-free life – and never having to mow the lawn again. They’ll gain freedom and time to enjoy doing the things they love most.

#3: I Want to Age-in-Place Where We Raised Our Family!

No home, no matter how shiny, new and aging-in-place-friendly, can replace the memories that fill your parent’s forever home. And yet, aging in their home won’t continue to be as safe as they age. As their joints become stiff and getting around the house gets harder, a single-story home built for aging-in-place is the safest option. And, waiting too long to move is like inviting an accident.

Moving to a retirement community before it becomes unsafe to live in their current home is the best way for seniors to make the transition smoothly. You and your loved ones will all worry less knowing your parent is safe the moment the stairs become too much or walking from room to room takes a little bit longer.

#4: I Can’t Afford It!

Cost shouldn’t get in the way of safely and happily living life in retirement. And, in most retirement communities (including here at Pleasant View), it doesn’t have to.

Most senior communities give you a series of housing and pricing options. At Pleasant View, for instance, we offer beautiful cottages and apartments across our two campuses, each with a long list of options and price points. Even if your parent or loved one doesn’t think they can afford it, it pays to speak with one of our representatives, because there may be more possibilities than you think!

#5: Moving is Too Overwhelming!

No one likes to move. And as you age, it becomes more difficult to go through your things and pack them up; you have to deal with not only the keepsakes and the clutter, but also the memories. That can be tough. This is why moving earlier in retirement is much easier than waiting until you’re older.

The sooner you move and put the stress behind you, the sooner you can start enjoying carefree living in an active retirement community that’s full of life.

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