What Do We Mean When We Say “Perspective of Purpose” at Pleasant View?

Perspective of Purpose at Pleasant View

On our website, in our marketing material, and on our social media channels, you may have seen or heard the phrase “Perspective of Purpose” associated with Pleasant View Communities.  It’s one of our organization’s main rallying cries and it has more meaning to it than you might think.

So, what does it mean and what’s it all about?

First, it’s important to understand that Pleasant View Communities is not just a “Life Plan Community” or a “continuing care retirement community.” While it is indeed both those things, many are surprised to learn that Pleasant View is also a nonprofit. And this is where the “perspective of purpose” philosophy is rooted.

“Perspective of Purpose” is an intentional phrase built upon the ideal of service—the service we provide to our residents, staff, and communities, and the service our residents, staff, and communities provide to the world.  As a team, we consider ourselves servants, and we see our community as a retirement living experience for servants!

And so, Pleasant View is an invitation to servants nationwide to join a community that is highly purposeful about reaching out and giving back.

This is PURPOSEFUL Retirement Living

Pleasant View Communities is built and organized to empower the impact of our residents so they can continue their life’s work long into their retirement years. But it’s about more than simply serving one another; it’s about retirement living without walls. It’s about blending our community with the communities and neighbors surrounding us, so our residents can continue to contribute and serve.

Everything we do at Pleasant View Communities is done with this overarching theme—continuing one’s life work in retirement. It’s this perspective, this purpose, that is illustrated through our mission, vision, and values and hearkens back to the priorities of the strong women of faith who founded our organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is at the root of the “Perspective of Purpose” phrase, as it both reflects the reason our organization exists and validates its nonprofit status. It’s a single sentence packed with meaning:

We aspire to provide healthy, vibrant living—full of joy, meaning, and purpose—through passionate, Christ-like service.”

From the very start, vibrant living has been the idea, and maintaining a perspective of purpose is how it has been fulfilled.

Our Vision

As an organization, we believe a life of service not only elevates the lives and outlooks of those around us, we believe it also elevates the lives and outlooks of those who provide it. And, as servants who serve servants(!), our vision is to ensure our residents find the satisfaction and contentment that go hand in hand with serving others.

Our organizational vision sums it up succinctly. We strive …

“To be a senior living community of choice for individuals and couples desiring a vibrant lifestyle, intellectual fulfillment, security, peace of mind, and respect for spiritual values.”

Our Values

If our mission is why we exist and our vision is where we hope to go as an organization, our values are how we live out those ideals on a day-to-day basis—how we live each day with (you guessed it) a perspective of purpose.

Our governing values are:

  • Dignity– Respecting and honoring the value of each person’s individuality, needs, and interests.
  • Kindness– Exhibiting a spirit of warmth, friendliness, gentleness, and concern.
  • Empathy– Seeking to understand the concerns and feelings of another.
  • Compassion– Responding to the needs, hurts, and suffering of another.
  • Joy– Demonstrating an attitude of happiness and pleasure in serving one another.
  • Stewardship– Caring for our relationships and resources as a trust given by God.

It’s Not About Easy Living. It’s about Vibrancy, Belonging, Purpose, and Impact

Nearly all retirement communities compete on features and benefits — a better pool, a hip clubhouse, the most spacious layouts, the most beautiful natural setting—the list goes on and on. These messages simply amount to an appeal to easy living, and we think retirement should be about much more.

And the change starts right here at Pleasant View.

All of our principles are geared toward creating a retirement living destination that completely redefines the perception of retirement itself. Creating retirement without walls and enmeshed with the broader community constitutes more than just easy living. It goes way beyond serving the person right next to you.

We’re on a mission to empower the continuing impact of our residents and their families for years to come.

Retirement Can Be Different

Not everyone who wants to retire wants to slow down. What if there was a chance for life to become even more vibrant and meaningful? What if there was a place where retirement was different?

At Pleasant View, we believe we are the difference.

We’re not just building homes and apartments for retired people. We’re building a library and a hydroponic garden. We’re building machine shops and recreational courts. We’re building a cultural center and gardens. We’re building infrastructure to help our community reach beyond our walls and invite others into our world.

Pleasant View is the place for retirees who plan to use their golden years to serve with intention. It’s for the retirees who have been giving back their entire life, not out of obligation, but out of desire. There’s no reason age should stand in the way of doing what you love the most and continuing to contribute to your community.

We want to see generations gather so stories can be shared, values can be passed on, and the family can be celebrated. Whether it’s on our campus or through our virtual technology—finding ways to increase generational connection is key to the approach we take to retirement.

This is what it means to live life well. This is what it means to embrace a Perspective of Purpose.

For more information about our culture at Pleasant View, give us a call at 717-665-2445, or schedule a tour and stop by for a visit!

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