We’re Proud to Welcome Sophia Kilby, RN, as Pleasant View’s New Director of Nursing

Sophia Kilby

In January 2021, we welcomed our own Sophia Kilby into her new role as Director of Nursing. Our residents know Sophia as their dedicated long-term care nurse who’s been by their side for years.

We spoke with Sophia just as she began the transition into the new role, discussing her time here at Pleasant View and her eagerness to support our residents and her team in new ways.



Q. Congratulations on your new role as Director of Nursing at Pleasant View Communities, Sophia. You’ve worked alongside our residents for many years and served throughout several of our nursing care units. Please tell us what your roles were leading up to your new position.

A. Thank you. I’ve been lucky enough to serve our residents in three of our care units – rehabilitation care, dementia and memory care, and skilled care – since starting here in 2015.

When I first came to Pleasant View, I worked as an evening registered nurse supervisor. I was then offered a Unit Care Manager position to manage both our rehab unit and our dementia and memory care unit.

I loved my work in both of those roles. Working with our dementia patients, in particular, was incredibly fulfilling. I helped our residents suffering from Alzheimer’s get back in touch with their past and worked with them through the various progressions of the disease.

Most recently, I was the 400 Unit Care Manager which is a part of our long-term care unit. In long-term care, I was able to work closely with all of my patients, which I loved.

Q. Now that you’ve taken over as Director of Nursing at Pleasant View Communities, what does your new role involve?

A. As the Director of Nursing, my job is to help my team be successful so they can provide our residents with the absolute best care.

I’ll get to drive the business side of our nursing units. I’ll also be creating and implementing policies and procedures to make the jobs of my team easier so they can focus on our residents. So now, rather than supporting a few patients one-on-one, I’ll be empowering our staff with the tools and support they need to serve all of our patients.

Q. Will your role put you fully behind-the-scenes, or will patients still see you from time-to-time?

A. I’m a hands-on nurse so you won’t get me to leave the floor completely. I’ll be a visible member of the nursing team and my patients will still see me around the halls.

I’m excited to take on the new challenges that come with the Director of Nursing position because I’ll be serving every patient we see. It’ll allow me to make an even bigger impact.

I’ve taken on many roles at Pleasant View and every time I’ve been approached with a new opportunity, it’s always been a positive experience. This move has already proven to me to be the same.

Q. What about the Pleasant View community has made you decide to invest so much of your career here serving our residents?

A. When people reach a later stage in life, they often feel lost. They may have left the home they’ve lived in for 30 years where they raised their children. They may see their family less or have lost a spouse and feel alone.

I’m here because I want to make this a wonderful period of time for our residents. I want to help them celebrate this stage and make it memorable and joyful. I want them to know that they’re not alone when they’re here.

Q. Would you say that’s one of the reasons why so many of your team members are dedicated to their roles at Pleasant View, as well?

A. Absolutely! I’m continuously impressed by our team of nurses and their dedication to our residents. They do whatever needs to be done – from picking up extra hours to support one another to sleeping here before a big snowstorm to make sure they’re here for our residents no matter what. We all care deeply about each other and those who live here.

Q. We know you’re losing a member of your team – your predecessor, Nicole Watson. How has her work as Director helped prepare you to take over?

A. Nicole is an amazing nurse and a great leader. This was especially true last year. She was vital in bringing us through the pandemic. When it started, there were so many unknowns. She never wavered, though, and jumped in to implement policies and procedures to make sure we were supported in every way possible.

In preparing to take over, Nicole has been a wonderful mentor. She’s shown me what it takes to serve in this role and do it well. She’s set a high bar for all of us and I’m honored to be trusted to fill her shoes.

Q. From everything you’ve experienced here, why do you believe Pleasant View is such a special community?

A. I remember the first day I walked onto Pleasant View’s campus and into our nursing facility. It didn’t look like a nursing home. It felt like home. I knew it really was the community it claimed to be. And I was right. Pleasant View isn’t just a place to live once you enter the later stages of life. It’s a place to come to enjoy and celebrate life while knowing incredible nursing care is right here when you need it.



Congratulations to Sophia Kilby and Nicole Watson on their new ventures!

We welcome you and your loved ones to visit Pleasant View Communities and discover everything that our vibrant, active community has to offer.

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