Update: Hoffer Farm at Pleasant View

Hoffer Farm at Pleasant View

Fall 2022

 This fall, we’ve seen many new additions to Hoffer Farm at Pleasant View, and there’s so much in store. We’re excited to share the farm’s progress, especially as we get closer to breaking ground on a vibrant Cultural Center and other community amenities that await the Manheim community here at Pleasant View.

As we look ahead into 2023, here’s an update on the progress at Hoffer Farm and what we can all look forward to next year.

Building a Sense of Place for Our Community

The cornerstone of Hoffer Farm will be the Cultural Center–a place for the community to gather, learn, and connect. It will also serve as the new home of the Manheim Community Library and an events space for all of Manheim to use and enjoy.

“When dreaming up Hoffer Farm, it was important for us to create more opportunities for the community to gather and connect,” explains Jonathan Hollinger, President and CEO of Pleasant View Communities. “With Hoffer Farm and its cultural center, we’ll have a beautiful space for Pleasant View and Manheim residents to come together.”

Visitors to the cultural center will find a maker’s space for artists, allowing local artisans to gather, brainstorm, create, and sell their unique items in a collaborative environment.

There are additional plans for the cultural center to house a daycare center, meeting spaces, and more.

Rooted in Our Shared Values

When reimagining what Hoffer Farm could be for Manheim, we knew the farm had to produce and give back to the community.

That’s why Hoffer Farm’s fields and pastures have already started to sustain hydroponic produce, a flock of egg-laying chickens, and a herd of alpacas, sheep, and goats. Next, vegetable and fruit gardens will be added. And eventually, the fruits, vegetables, and eggs will be harvested and collected for our on-site public restaurant, Hearth & Harrow, sold at our market, and donated to community members in need. In addition, the wool from the alpacas and sheep will be sheared and provided to artisans in our maker’s space.

And while the best is yet to come at Hoffer Farm, we’re already seeing its positive impact. When Pleasant View residents Judy and Mary learned about the farm animals now living at the farm, they decided to support our residents by volunteering to help with the therapy goats.

“Life can be stressful as your care needs increase,” Judy explained after seeing the impact of the COVID pandemic on her life and those around her. “Our goats put a smile on the faces of residents.”

Today, both women plan to socialize the goats to serve as therapy animals for Pleasant View’s skilled nursing and personal care residents.

“We believe Hoffer Farm can nourish our community’s physical and emotional health,” Jonathan said. “We hope to give people purpose and value through meaningful opportunities to learn, connect with others, spend time in nature, and give back to the community.”

Breaking New Ground in Spring 2023

The Hoffer Farm at Pleasant View wouldn’t be possible without unwavering community support. The community’s excitement for this project humbles and inspires us.

With plans in place, the heavy lifting of this project is just beginning. So much of Hoffer Farm is the realization of Pleasant View’s goals and our community’s vision for a more beautiful, collaborative, and regenerative future.

Pleasant View is scheduled to break ground on the Cultural Center in spring 2023.

Thank you for celebrating every step towards completing this monumental project for Pleasant View and Manheim.

We welcome you and your loved ones to visit Pleasant View Communities and discover everything our vibrant, active community has to offer. We’ll take you on a tour of our community and show you the beauty and joy of carefree living. Contact us to learn more and schedule a tour.

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