The Best Mobile Apps for Seniors and Their Families

Best Apps for Seniors and Their Families

Mobile apps have the power to make senior living easier, safer, and more enjoyable – but only if you use them.

A 2020 Tech Survey by AARP found that while seniors are interested in new technologies and continue to buy smartphones and tablets, they’re not always taking full advantage of their devices.

When used to their full potential, those devices can unlock a long list of mobile apps to help with everything from medication reminders to video chats with friends and family. If you’re not very tech-savvy, don’t worry. The best mobile apps for seniors are easy-to-use and will help you manage life in retirement more easily as you age.

Apps that Make Senior Living Safer and More Enjoyable

Here’s a breakdown of some of the best mobile apps to help you take care of your health, stay connected with loved ones, and much more.

Health Care Apps

Medisafe Medication Management (Free, in-app purchases)

Missing a dose of a medication or accidentally taking too much is a big concern for seniors. Medisafe is a medication management app that does the remembering for you.

Medisafe is as easy to use as it gets. The app lets you select the type of medication, the dosage, and the times of day you take each medicine. Then, you get a notification on your phone or tablet the moment it’s time to take your medicine. The notification stays up on the screen until you open the app and mark that you’ve taken the dose.

GoodRx (Free)

If you’re a senior on a budget, you’ll love GoodRx. It’s a medication app that hunts down the lowest prescription medicine costs. The app compares the cost of your medication in your local area. Just track your prescriptions to find the best price and show the pharmacist your GoodRx app when you go to pick up your next refill.

GoodRx also offers coupons and other ways to save. This free app can end up saving you money with each prescription.

WebMD (Free)

You should never take the medical advice of a web app over your doctor, but the WebMD app can help you research and reference any symptoms you’re experiencing before you see your physician.

WebMD’s app also lets you look up individual medications and read about side effects and other drug-related information. It’s a handy app to have in your back pocket when you have a medical question or need to check any symptoms you’re experiencing.

‘Connecting with Family & Friends’ Apps

Google Meet (Free)

Google Meet is an easy, free way to stay in touch with loved ones. All you need is a google account and you’re ready to set up a video call.

For adult children checking in on a parent, Google Meet is not only an easy way to chat. Seeing your parent virtually will give you better insight into how they’re feeling and their overall well-being.

Facebook Mobile (Free)

Say what you will about Facebook, but it’s a great way to keep up with everything that’s happening with your family and friends. It’s also a wonderful way for you to share updates of what you’re up to while you’re off enjoying retirement.

Facebook Messenger (Free)

Facebook Messenger is the original messenger app and is still a great way to chat back and forth with Facebook friends. Share posts directly with friends or use Messenger to chat with family. Facebook has made it easy to keep in touch directly with your grandkids, too! The Messenger Kids app lets you chat with your grandchildren on their devices.

FaceTime OR Google Duo (Free)

FaceTime and Google Duo are two great ways to quickly connect with loved ones and friends through a virtual phone call. If you have an iPhone or an iPad, download the FaceTime app. The Google Duo app can be downloaded and used by anyone with a google account.

Marco Polo (Free)

This is another great app for quick connecting. Think of Marco Polo as a video text message app. Simple hold down the ‘record’ button to record and send a short video clip to say hi or just check-in. This app gives you a safer and more comfortable alternative to typing a text message if you have arthritis or suffer from any soreness in your hands. Just hit record and say ‘hi’.

‘Keep Your Mind Sharp’ Apps

Words with Friends 2 (Free, in-app purchases)

Words with Friends 2 lets you keep in touch while exercising your brain. You can play board games and complete crossword puzzles live with family and friends. Winner gets bragging rights!

Elevate (Free, in-app purchases)

Elevate is a brain training app that helps improve focus, memory recall, and more. The app’s designers collaborated with neuroscientists and each of its 35 mini-games is based on a serious amount of research. It was even selected as Apple’s App of the Year.

We all experience some level of memory loss as we age. But you can prolong your cognitive abilities by ‘exercising’ your brain with Elevate’s brain teasers. You’ll have fun while keeping your mind sharp and healthy.

Just for Seniors Apps 

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight (Free, in-app purchase)

If your aging eyes are struggling to read the fine print, a simple magnifying glass app is a perfect solution. Just place your phone over any text and the app will magnify the words. Not only does the magnifying glass make reading more comfortable, but it can also help you read important medication instructions so there’s no confusion about which medicine is which and how much to take.

AARP Now (Free)

Stay up to date on senior news and manage your AARP account right through the AARP Now app. It also connects you to your member benefits, and you can use it to register for local events and find AARP discounts in your area.

Uber OR Lyft (Free)

When driving becomes a challenge, or if you just want a break from driving to the store, rideshare apps are a great way to safely get around town. Be aware that most vehicles are not ADA-compliant, so if you have a mobility issue, ridesharing may not be for you. If that’s not a concern, Uber or Lyft can help you remain independent even when driving becomes a burden.

Groupon (Free)

While not aimed specifically at seniors, the Groupon app is a great way to find deals on just about anything you may need. It’s easy to use, even if you’re not too tech-savvy. You can find a ton of local deals, like discounts at local restaurants, boutiques, events, and just about anything else happening in and around your community.

Mobile Apps Help Connect You to Your Community

Mobile apps can help you stay connected to loved ones living far away as well as friends and neighbors right here within your life plan community. Pick a few from this list and start using your mobile device to make life in retirement easier and even more enjoyable.

We invite you and your loved ones to visit Pleasant View Communities and discover the benefits our life plan community has to offer. We’ll take you on a tour to show you the beauty and joy of carefree living and how our on-site care services will be there for you through every phase of senior life. Contact us to learn more and schedule a tour.


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