Introducing the Hoffer Farm at Pleasant View: The Heart of Community Living

Hoffer Farm Cultural Center

Construction Targeted for 2022

So often in life, the path forward tends to lead us back home.

Through the reconditioning and refurbishment of The Hoffer Farm at Pleasant View, one of the largest scale projects ever to be undertaken by Pleasant View Communities in recent memory, we’re returning to our roots to move our mission forward and inviting the entire Manheim community to join us.

A 50-Acre Community Space for Everyone to Enjoy

Pleasant View Communities sits adjacent to the Hoffer Farm, the childhood family farm of our founder, Edna Hoffer. In 1955, Edna founded what is now Pleasant View Communities with a vision for a beautiful, idyllic space for adults in retirement to enjoy their best years. It was by working the Hoffer Farm that she kept Pleasant View operable so it could fulfill its mission.

But next year, Hoffer Farm will take on new life as it actively supports the community – this time, serving well beyond Pleasant View’s walls.

With respect for its 50 acres of land, the farm will be reimagined into a community space where all are welcome; a place for neighbors, young and old, to join together, learn from one another, and deepen the relationships that make our community a beautiful place to call home.

In 2022, We Hope to Break Ground on a Cultural Center that Brings Community Members of all Ages and Backgrounds Together

Next year, we anticipate the first shovel of dirt to lift from the Hoffer Farm as we begin construction on Phase 1 of the project. The Cultural Center, a large, shared space for residents and the public and the cornerstone of the new Hoffer Farm at Pleasant View, will be the first building constructed on the property.

A Detailed Look at the Hoffer Farm Project
A detailed look at the proposed Hoffer Farm project

The Cultural Center is where several community organizations will reside, including the Manheim Community Library.

The Hoffer Farm Will Offer Health and Wellness Activities Accessible to Everyone in Our Community

Hoffer Farm will bring new meaning to holistic wellness in Manheim. Miles of walking trails, a park, an indoor aquatics center, outdoor sports parks with plans for pickle-ball courts and a mini-golf course, and more; there will be no shortage of ways to get out and move.

Because a connection to the arts, sciences, and one another is so vital to our wellness and wellbeing as a community, the Cultural Center at Hoffer Farm will offer maker spaces and access to arts and activities that embrace creativity. The Farm will house an art studio, a kiln, a workshop, sewing rooms, 3D printing equipment, and so much more.

Our farm’s stables will bring the therapeutic benefits of watching and interacting with animals into the community, as well. And we’re helping to coordinate plans to bring a herd of gentle alpacas onto the farm to provide the incredible benefits of animal therapy. At the same time, our residents will help manage and operate the herd along with other farm animals such as pygmy goats and sheep. The attraction will truly benefit our residents, their families, and the broader community.

Gardens, Orchards & Hydroponic Farms to Nourish the Community

While Hoffer Farm spreads 50-acres across the Manheim region, its impact will go far further to reach families all around us who need our support. On the Farm, community gardens and a budding hydroponics farm will grow produce to feed hungry families in our community.

We’ll also serve the crops we grow in our on-campus restaurant, Hearth & Harrow, and share them with the public at our outdoor Farmer’s Market.

With the guidance of LandStudies, Inc. and the support of the PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, Hoffer Farm will create native habitats through regenerative agriculture practices. Native wildflowers and lots of trees will develop healthy soil and wildlife habitats. The impacts won’t only be felt here in Lancaster County, either. Our efforts will reduce runoff water to help protect the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

All of This Sustained with Net-Zero Energy

The Hoffer Farm at Pleasant View is designed to give back to the community; never to take away from it. Every acre will be restored to respect our local environment and the people, plants, and animals that live here.

To that end, the Cultural Center will be designed for net-zero energy use. We’re hoping to utilize hybrid ventilation systems, solar panels, geothermal heating, rain harvesting, and more. Our community partners—Warfel Construction and others—are guiding us in this effort and making it all possible.

Community Support for The Hoffer Farm at Pleasant View Has Been Truly Humbling

We’ve received an incredible amount of interest and encouragement from businesses and community leaders across Lancaster County as we get closer to breaking ground on the Hoffer Farm Cultural Center.

PA Representative Mindy Fee and PA State Sen. Ryan Aument have both submitted letters of support for the project, including a request for $2 million in funding from the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program, pointing to the benefits and positive impacts the cultural center and the entire farm will have on the Manheim community.

Funding efforts for the project are being led by Pleasant View Communities as an investment in our community along with support from grants and the many partners and individuals who believe in our mission and the value of community living.

We Can’t Wait to Welcome You to Your Community Center

This is just the beginning of what you can look forward to as we break ground at The Hoffer Farm at Pleasant View next year. With each phase of development, you’ll find even more reasons to love your community.

Stay tuned as we unveil the project and its progress in the months ahead.

We welcome you and your loved ones to visit Pleasant View Communities and discover everything that our vibrant, active community has to offer. We’ll take you on a tour and show you the beauty and joy of carefree living. Contact us to learn more and schedule a tour

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