Exciting Developments at Hoffer Farm: Groundbreaking Ceremony on the Horizon

Hoffer Farm groundbreaking

Hoffer Farm groundbreaking scheduled for Nov. 3, 2023 at 10:00a.m.

A key aspect of Pleasant View, Communities’ dedication to enhancing the lives of our residents and the people around us, involves ongoing engagement with local individuals and businesses.

As part of that effort, we’re excited to provide several updates about the Hoffer Farm Project, a living community center that will bring Pleasant View and the wider Manheim community closer together.

On Nov. 3 at 10 a.m., Pleasant View Communities will host a groundbreaking ceremony for the project. Besides launching the construction phase of Hoffer Farm, the groundbreaking will also kick off an ambitious capital campaign, we’re calling “The Heart of Community.” Our goal for the capital campaign is to raise $8.6 million to fund the project, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve already received pledges of $6.6 million toward the effort.

The Hoffer farm project includes the following initiatives:

  • The unveiling of a Cultural Center with event spaces
  • A new home for Manheim Community Library
  • The construction of new walking trails for residents and the broader community
  • Food Production for the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank
  • The implementation of a makerspace
  • Much, much more

We could not be more excited about the possibilities this project will bring to people of all ages and backgrounds in Manheim, Lititz, and the surrounding areas. Hoffer farm will be a place to build new and deepened relationships; serve as an opportunity to learn, be valued, and experience joy; and cultivate a community without walls.

This project will have something for everyone, and all will be welcome. Take a look at what’s to come following the Hoffer Farm groundbreaking.

The Cultural Center

The cornerstone of the new Hoffer Farm will be the Cultural Center as it will play a central role in our mission to invest in the communities around us. It will be a place for residents and members of the public alike to gather and learn. With over 18,000 square feet of space, the Cultural Center will have plenty of room to grow. Indoor and outdoor multipurpose spaces will host public and private events.

A full-service teaching kitchen will turn the farm’s fresh produce into delicious meals for visitors and provide junior chefs a chance to test their skills.

From event spaces and community kitchens to the next home of the Manheim Public Library, the Cultural Center will be a place for everyone to enjoy, from grade schoolers to grandparents.

The Cultural Center will also feature a courtyard, a covered porch, a recreation area, rolling green lawns, extensive walking trails, and beautiful farm views.

The Library

As the new home of the Manheim Community Library, Hoffer Farm will offer a location that will help triple the library’s space, greatly increasing its collection and its ability to offer quality programming—particularly in the areas of science and technology.

Additional parking, a larger footprint, increased circulation, and more space for educational programs enhance the Library’s reach and impact and will benefit the entire community for decades to come.

The Makerspace

The makerspace at Hoffer Farm will provide opportunities for craftsmen, artisans, and hobbyists to utilize shared space and equipment to build and create. The goal of this space is to foster “makers” in the arts of painting, 3D printing, textiles, pottery, and more.

The Daycare

There is a documented lack of safe, reliable, and affordable daycare in the Manheim area. Partnering with a local, licensed daycare provider, we will create a daycare center* in the heart of Hoffer Farm. With so many beautiful outdoor spaces and animals at their fingertips, the Hoffer Farm will be a natural fit for curious children.

While the daycare is a critical part of Hoffer Farm and is important to fulfilling our mission of community-oriented offerings, no funds raised from the Capital Campaign will be used to support construction of the daycare.

The Farm

From nature trails and wildflower gardens* to an orchard* and picnic grove*, the defining features of Hoffer Farm will be … well, the farm.

Alpaca Ranch*

During its second phase of development, Hoffer Farm will become the home of a small-scale alpaca ranch. While everyone will be welcome to watch and interact with the alpacas, we’ll also ensure that individuals in need benefit through animal therapy with these calm, gentle animals.

Working Farm

The Hoffer Farm will be a working crop-producing farm. A significant share of the crops grown will be donated to local food banks, including the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, to help eradicate food insecurity in our region.


Hoffer Farm’s greenhouses will use hydroponic growing systems. This means crops will grow in nutrient-rich water rather than soil, enabling greater yields in smaller spaces. Just outside, orchards and gardens will be cultivated with berries and flowers, providing food for residents and locals, as well as habitats for wildlife.

The Community Hub

As word has spread throughout the Manheim community, the excited buzz is becoming increasingly palpable. Our residents and neighbors have been aware of the planning phase of this project for several years and are eager to see it come to fruition.

“This will open opportunities for our students of all ages and ability levels,” said Dr. Ryan Axe, Manheim Central School Superintendent. “This is just one of the ways we hope to partner with [Pleasant View] moving forward.”

Dr. Axe is not alone in his excitement.

“Our new home will go a long way to provide better programming for everyone,” said Ken Hameloth, president of the Manheim Community Library Board of Trustees. “It’s a way for us to be an even greater resource to our community.”

To say Pleasant View residents are ready for construction would be an understatement.

“Nature trails, wildflowers, the animals—that’s not only for children, that’s for residents as well” said Marlin and Jeane Gibble. “It’s exciting to imagine Pleasant View as a major hub for the whole Manheim community.”

With 59 acres of beautiful fields and streams and sweeping views of the Penryn countryside, Hoffer Farm’s future is bright.

Coach Mike Williams and Dr. Lew Jury, honorary co-chairs and Campaign Steering Committee members said they are “honored to give our time and resources to make the Hoffer Farm project a reality.”

“The greater Manheim Community is not defined by a series of lines on a map, but rather by the pride, work ethic, unity and exceptional spirit of its citizens,” Mr. Williams and Dr. Jury said in a statement. “We see [Hoffer Farm] to be of enormous value and are convinced that Manheim will be significantly advantaged by the many amenities to be developed.”

Help Define the Future of Hoffer Farm

Our vision for the Heart of Community Capital Campaign is ambitious but with your help, we can truly provide a gift to our residents and neighbors and establish Manheim as a nationwide model of prosperity and generosity.

Join us Nov. 3, 2023 at 2100 Town Square for the Hoffer Farm groundbreaking, or contact Gene Musser at to learn about the Capital Campaign’s various giving options.

* These features and offerings will be introduced during the second phase of development at Hoffer Farm, which will follow a second fund-raising effort.

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