Employee Spotlight: Meet Peggy, Long-Time Pleasant View Laundry Team Member


Creating a successful team takes support from every member. At Pleasant View Communities, our employees are committed to providing quality care for residents. While every department is responsible for different parts of resident care, every team member is essential.

In many cases, our team members working hard behind the scenes are the ones who keep the Pleasant View engine running. Peggy, a long-time Pleasant View laundry worker, is one of the staff members we rely on to help our residents, a role she’s enjoyed for nearly 40 years.

We sat down with Peggy to learn more about her, her role, and what led her to dedicate her career to the residents of Pleasant View.


“I feel that we all have a part to play in caring for our residents. Yes, we need nursing, but the nurses can’t do their jobs without the laundry staff. So, I think we all play an even role in meeting the needs of the residents every day.”


PV: Tell us a bit about yourself and your community here in Manheim.

Peggy: I’ve lived in Manheim my whole life. My late husband, Clayton, and I bought a house about a mile from Pleasant View.clayton pleasant view Since he passed away, my two daughters and their children have lived with me. I don’t have much time for myself, but I enjoy attending local car shows with Clayton’s 1945 Ford truck.truck pleasant view

When Clayton was alive, we went to many car shows with the truck – Manheim, Mount Joy, Lebanon, Ocean City, MD, and even Kentucky. We’ve been all over and won a lot of trophies at the shows. The truck is blue with some silver, and folks always thought that was because we were Cowboys fans. We’re not; Clayton just liked those colors.


Now that he’s passed, I enjoy going to local shows and seeing our friends. I like to see what people dream up in some vehicles and what parts they use in unconventional ways. The one I think is kind of cool is a car made out of an Amish buggy.

PV: What is your role at Pleasant View?

Peggy: After my first daughter was born, I got a job at Pleasant View. It was close to home and convenient with a baby at home. Back then, I worked in the kitchen. I had worked at two other restaurants before, so I was comfortable in a kitchen setting. After 15 years there, I developed some back pain. So, I switched to light-duty work in the laundry and eventually asked to move there full time.

I like the work I do. I want to make sure everything is clean, and the residents have what they need. But I’m fussy about how each residence looks – I don’t allow any wrinkles in the linens.

Since COVID, I don’t get to interact with the residents as much. We wash and dry the clothes, then bag them and send them to the nursing staff to distribute them to individual residents. I used to enjoy taking items to the residents and seeing their faces. I like helping the folks here.

Working in the laundry department is nice because you can throw in a few wash loads and walk away to do something else. I keep busy by cleaning other washers or driers, mopping the floor, helping other folks as needed. Then I can come back and switch the items to the drier. I fold every piece of clothing and always spot check clothes before delivering them back to residents.

PV: Why is Pleasant View a great place to work?

Peggy: I have a job I enjoy, and it’s close to my home. For me, it’s very convenient to work at Pleasant View. After working for many years in restaurants and the kitchen at Pleasant View, I’d sooner do laundry than cooking. I’m glad to have been able to make the switch years ago.peggy pleasant view

I like my work, and I believe when you commit to doing something, you stick with it. Just like marriage – there are good days and bad days, but you keep working at it. I’ve watched so many changes over the years, many additions to the property, and worked with great people. I’m thankful for the other folks who work back here with me.

I feel that we all have a part to play in caring for our residents. Yes, we need nursing, but the nurses can’t do their jobs without the laundry staff. So, I think we all play an even role in meeting the needs of the residents every day.

We’re grateful to team members like Peggy who have created a thoughtful and caring culture for our staff and residents here at Pleasant View.

We’re currently hiring dedicated, team-oriented staff members in several positions, including our laundry department.  Regardless of the department, serving others at Pleasant View gives everyone on our team personal fulfillment in knowing they contributed to the health and wellbeing of our seniors.

Learn about the many career opportunities that await you here at Pleasant View and apply today.

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