Celebrating Empowerment: Honoring Edna Hoffer and the Women of Pleasant View Communities

March is Women's History Month at Pleasant View

In the spirit of Women’s History Month, we at Pleasant View Communities take great pride in celebrating the remarkable women who have been foundational to our community’s inception, growth, and continued success. 

Edna Hoffer: A Pantheon of Female Leadership

Edna Hoffer

At the forefront of this celebration is our founder, Edna Hoffer, whose vision, resilience, and compassion laid the groundwork for the vibrant and nurturing environment that Pleasant View is today.

It’s important to remember that Edna wasn’t alone in her efforts. Alongside her dedicated partners, Grace Barto and Esther Henry, Edna embarked on a mission to create a haven that would provide care, comfort, and a sense of belonging to seniors. Their pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment not only shaped the foundation of our community but also paved the way for future generations of women leaders within Pleasant View. 

The Women Who Make Pleasant View Tick

It is a testament to this female-led, enterprising spirit that Pleasant View continues to thrive under the guidance and expertise of so many talented women leaders and staff members across every department. 

These women, who hail from all walks of life and bring with them an assortment of backgrounds and skill sets, continue to drive innovation in our community. They help to foster a culture of belonging and set the standard for high-quality care for our residents. From healthcare to administration and from culinary services to recreational programming, their contributions are invaluable and deserve our utmost recognition and gratitude.

45 Years

Denise Getz, Personal Care Aide

40 Years

Diane Jacobs, Director of Residential Living

20 Years

Debra Tolley, Personal Care Med Tech

Anna Anderson, Director of Housekeeping and Laundry

15 Years

Ellen Zimmerman, Laundry Aide

10 Years

Amanda Wolgemuth, RN Supervisor

Nina Rodriguez, Salon Manager

Teresa Good, Director of Recreational Therapy

Aubrey Smith, Community Engagement Coordinator

Haley Brumbach, Director of Fitness Center

Tara Stoltzfus, Dining Services Aide

5 Years

Emily Leid, Certified Nursing Assistant

Janelle Axe, Healthcare LPN

Tricia Kenneff, PVFiT Trainer

Rebecca Morris, Personal Care Med Tech

Shari Herr, Healthcare LPN

Kaitlyn Hartman, Environmental Services

Sarah Witwer, Health Care Activities Coordinator

A Celebration of Their Contribution

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it’s important to reflect on the impact these women have had on our community and those we serve. Their dedication, leadership, and compassion embody the spirit of Edna Hoffer’s vision and inspire us all to strive for excellence and kindness in every endeavor.

To Edna Hoffer, the pioneering women beside her, and the countless women leaders and staff members at Pleasant View Communities, we extend our gratitude and admiration. Your efforts continue to our community, making it a place where every resident experiences the kindness, compassion, and generosity upon which it was founded. 

This month, and every month, we honor you and your indispensable contributions to the Pleasant View family. 

Thank you! 

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